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New Arrival

So, a little over 5 weeks ago we drove home with the newest, and without a doubt the smallest, member of our Blackberry Donkey Team. What he lacks in height, he certainly makes up for in personality. Meet Highbury Superted, or Teddy as he's known to his Blackberry Donkey friends. He's a registered miniature Mediterranean donkey, all the way from Highbury Stud in Dorset. At around 22 inches high, this teeny tiny little guy will have a huge role to play as part of the Blackberry Donkeys team, visiting schools and care homes. The last 5 weeks have saw Teddy settle into yard life and meet his new BIG donkey brothers, as well as visit friends and family, both indoors and outdoors, as part of his ongoing training. Today is his next step. He will begin to be fitted with his made to measure upsey daisy bag, kindly made by Alyson from Collytown Therapy Ponies in Devon. This carefully constructed material bag will catch Teddy's poo, enabling him to visit care homes and schools indoors! The bag material is waterproof but soft, and can be quickly and easily emptied when required. I wonder what he is going to make of it later in the day?

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