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Miniature Donkey Making Memories across the North East and North Yorkshire

It's been just over 4 years since a tiny cheeky little bundle of fuzz called Teddy came to live with the Blackberry Donkey's team. Teddy is still the same cheeky character but is now an experienced part of the team, visiting care homes, schools, churches, museums and community centres, attending weddings, birthdays, libraries and other special events. At 5 years old, Teddy has grown into a lovely donkey who likes to be the centre of attention, he's even been on children's television! His best friends are Joseph and Bandit and Teddy is now fully grown. Here's just a snapshot of some of the wonderful memories he has given so many people, (including myself) and smiles he has raised, during his past four years with us...and we look forward to many more year with this funny little guy.


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